Men's facial hair styles throughout history

Apr 14, 2015 During the Civil War era, heavy sideburns (named after Civil War general Ambrose. Burnside) and Abraham Lincoln-esque chin curtain beards. 7 Interesting things about… Read More

Facial hair styles through history

Like many other social customs, the history of beards and beard growth has been fascinatingly diverse, enjoying periods of widespread popularity and other times of relative disfavor.… Read More

Facial hair styles throughout history

Thinking of growing a beard or altering the one you have? We've got you covered with the top 10 facial hair styles of 2019! Take… Read More

Facial hair history

Mustache, hair grown on the upper lip. Since antiquity, the wearing of mustaches, like beards, has reflected a wide range of customs, religious beliefs, and personal… Read More



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