How to get rid of facial hair

The methods in this book will show you how to get rid of, aLL the unwanted body hair on your body in a fraction of… Read More

Facial hair growth

Mix two teaspoons of granulated sugar (brown or white) and one teaspoon each of honey and water. So, i cant grow colored facial hair.… Read More

How to grow facial hair faster

Let your facial hair grow without trimming. In spite of some popular myths, shaving does not cause your hair to grow faster or thicker. Try washing… Read More

Facial hair styles

The complete facial hair styles chart. Heres a chart that gives you a basic rundown of every facial hair style. You can use it to… Read More

Facial hair removal

That upper lip peach fuzz has officially overstayed its welcome. Of all the beauty treatments out there, removing your facial hair ( or any hair… Read More



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